"Xenos missionaries"

"The Search Begins.."
"The Search Begins.."

“The Search Begins..”

Brother Octavious Sends the group on a Campaign to gather information on “The Slann”

“The Halo Stars call to you Brothers!” -Octavious

The Group finds a few leads which take them deep into the Kronos Expanse.

They meet The Oracle on Choir where a new Cult of the Serpent has grown..

The Local King Mumbo Jumbo has destroyed the Cathedral and people of the cult.

The Death Watch team follows the cult intel which takes them from the Unbeholden Reaches to the Hall of Mirrors on Repton IV.

There they meet a Slann Prophet and try to destroy him!

He escapes and they pursue him into The Serpents Circle.

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New World & Ki
"Humanity needs redemption!"

Following The Slann into a warp drift near the Serpents Circle our players find themselves on
a fragmented Craft World. Traveling through a warp rift gate they arrive on an uncharted world!

A local Hero Ki helps acclimate them with there surroundings..

Getting involved in a local skirmish the Death Watch team helps create a Demon of Hate from some corrupted beings..

A third party Hunting Party helps to defeat the Beast telling our Heroes to be careful on how they proceed.

Resting at camp with the peoples they saved their parimiter is breached by the Slann. They leave a device as they retrat from the Death Watch’s awesome firepower!..


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